Title: New acquisitions

Abstract: Small sample of the acquisitions of the Valencian Library in recent years, from donations and legacies, purchases or legal deposits and covering all kinds of documents related to the Valencian bibliographic heritage, from old books or manuscripts, to personal files, playing cards or photographs.

Organized by: Biblioteca Valenciana Nicolau Primitiu

Director General of Culture & Heritage: Carmen Amoraga Toledo

Curation: Carmina Alcañiz

Technical Coordination:  Miguel C. Muñoz Feliu, Germán Perales

Photography & digitization:  Biblioteca Valenciana Nicolau Primitiu

Conservation & restoration: Sabina Bellver (Subdirecció General de l’Institut Valencià de Conservació i Restauració)

Audiovisual: Unitat de Produccions Audiovisuals de la Conselleria d'Educació, Investigació, Cultura i Esport

Assembly Company: Eulen

Design: SamyRen

Place: Permanent room of the monastery of Sant Miquel del Reis

Date: June to September 2019






Exhibition audiovisual (narrated in Valencian language):