Nicolau Primitiu Gómez Serrano, born in Sueca in 1877, he was an industrialist, writer, scholar, bibliophile, and publisher. After studying chemical and mechanical expertise, he directed the family business IMAD, dedicated to the manufacture of agricultural machinery, an activity that he knew how to make compatible with his taste for culture, his Valencian feeling and a love of linguistic, historical, lexicographical, archaeological and artistic research.

He belonged to and collaborated in practically all the Valencian societies and cultural entities of his time. Among others, he founded and chaired Acció Cultural Valenciana, was president of Lo Rat Penat and dean director of the Valencian Culture Center.

Starting in 1928, he began to publish his research works both in specialized magazines and the daily press, developing an important work to disseminate Valencian historical, linguistic, archaeological and toponymic topics. He was also a regular contributor to the Diario de Valencia, Las Provincias and El Poble Valencià, as well as several cultural magazines.

In 1954 he founded the Sicània publishing house to, in addition to promoting knowledge of Valencian history and culture, to dignify and normalize the nostra llengua. Between 1958 and 1959 he published the magazine of the same name Sicania, the first general information magazine of a Valencian character to appear since the Spanish Civil War.

Throughout his life, he brought together an extraordinary library in which he manifests and develops his concept of a national library: works printed or published in the Valencian Community, written by Valencians or of subjects specially linked to Valencian culture and history, complemented with consultation and reference publications. The library includes incunabula, manuscripts, valuable editions from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, periodicals, loose leaves, and an impressive set of Valencian works from the 19th and 20th centuries, up to over 40,000 volumes.

Declared adoptive son of the city of Valencia, he was awarded the "Encomienda de Alfonso X el Sabio" and the Medal for Merit at Work.

After his death, on November 11, 1971, it was his widow, Mrs. Antonia Senent Ibáñez, who initiated the file for the donation of the library, although it was finally his children and grandchildren who signed in February 1979 the deed of donation establishing the due guarantees in the conditions of conservation, technical treatment and consultation of the books. 


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    Vita Christi (1497)          Regiment Preservatiu (ca.1490)     Furs Nous (1493)              Spectacula Lucretiana (ca.1502)






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