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In the press of the Orga family, one of the most important in Valencia in the eighteenth century, Antonia Gómez, daughter, wife and mother of printers, was a prominent figure.

Married with the Aragonese printer José Jaime de Orga, she went to manage the printing press when she became a widow in 1756, working first in Madrid and then in Valencia, a city to which she had to return due to the debts contracted by her husband for the purchase of matrices. to melt letters.

Antonia and her children managed to establish a new printing press in Valencia in the street of the "Cruz Nueva" in 1759. That same year, when the post of "Printer of the city" vacated after the death of the widow of Antonio Bordazar, requested the title , claiming to have a printing press "well equipped and stocked, with many new characters". Serrano Morales emphasizes that thanks to the dedication, skill, and care in the execution of typographic art, they were able to recover the prestige of their printing press.

From his studio, some two hundred and seventy works stamped out, highlighting especially the "Comedies" of ancient theater and the "Relations of events" very popular genres in the valencia of the 18th century.

In the year 1770 the children of José and Tomás de Orga took over the printing and the name of the "Viuda de Orga" no longer appeared in the works produced in the family workshop.


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Historical review in the form of a dictionary of the printing presses that have existed in Valencia since the introduction of typographic art in Spain until 1868, with bio-bibliographic news from the main printers. By José Enrique Serrano Morales:

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