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The contents, texts, photographs, designs, logos, images, animations, sound … and, in general, any intellectual creation in this official site as well as the site itself as a whole as a multimedia artistic work, are protected by copyright by legislation on Intellectual Property.

Orphan works

The use of orphan works (*) have been digitized for display in Bivaldi, was made after diligent search, and in accordance with Law 21/2014, of November 4, in which the text is modified consolidated Intellectual Property Law and Law 1/2000 of 7 January on Civil Procedure.

With regard to the dissemination of orphan works, Article 37bis of Law 21/2014, in paragraph 4 states that "schools, museums, libraries and newspaper archives accessible to the public and public broadcasters, files, record and film libraries may reproduce, for the purposes of digitization, making available, indexing, cataloging, preservation or restoration, and make available to the public in the

manner provided in Article 20.2.i), the following orphan works provided that such acts are carried out non-profit and in order to achieve related to its mission of public interest, in particular the conservation and restoration of works contained in their collections and facilitating access to the same objectives cultural and educational purposes:

a) Cinematographic or audiovisual works, phonograms and works published in books, newspapers, magazines or other material contained in the collections of schools, museums, libraries and publicly available newspaper archives and files, record and film libraries.

b) cinematographic or audiovisual and sound recordings produced by public broadcasters until 31 December 2002 inclusive, and works contained in their archives. "

With regard to European legislation, Directive 2012/28 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2012 on authorized uses of orphan works, it establishes common rules for legally possible digitization and online exhibition orphan works.

(*) Orphan work whose rightholders are not identified or, be, are not located

Despite having made a prior diligent search for the same work shall be considered. For any further questions they can refer to the current legislation and / or address the mailboxes listed above.