Archive of the College of the Major Art of Silk

In 1474 the Gremi de Velluters (velvet makers) was created as an example of a context of commercial splendor in the city of Valencia during the 15th century. In the year 1479 the first ordinances of the guild were promulgated, confirmed that same year by King Ferdinand the Catholic. These ordinances are ratified by the City Council in 1483, founding the Brotherhood of San Jerónimo, a saint adopted as patron of the union. For this reason, its image and symbols (the lion, the cardinal's hat) are associated with the emblems of the guild and the College. On October 31, 1686, King Carlos II granted it the title of College of the Major Art of Silk, raising the rank of the velvet guild to the category of professional college.

The archive is made up of 48 parchments, 660 books and 97 archive boxes installed in 26 linear meters. Almost all of the documents in the archive of the College refer to the Gremi de Velluters, although some documentation of the rest is also preserved guilds of veils, gallons, belt makers, silk twist as different lawsuits and ordinances. We can find documentation produced by the institution since the 15th century, such as the founding privileges of the Gremi de Velluters, its different ordinances, minute books, books of clavarios, books of teachers, officers and apprentices, books of administration and inspection of factories and shops…

In April 2001, a civil contract agreement was signed between the College of Silk Major Art of Valencia and the Generalitat for the use and custody of the documentary collections of said College, by virtue of which it was temporarily deposited in the Biblioteca Valenciana Nicolau Primitiu. The original file is already at the headquarters of the College of Silk Major Art since June 2016. The file deposited in the Nicolau Primitiu Valencian Library is a digital version, available at BIVALDI.



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