Title: "L'estiu valencià"  (summer in the Comunitat Valenciana)

Summary:  This exhibition shows the social and cultural evolution of how our fellow citizens spent the summer, with special reference to the celebrations throughout the Valencian Community during this season, some of which, such as the Elx Misteri or the Algemesí Muixeranga, are already Intangible Heritage of Humanity. A trip throughout the Valencian geography of the hand of renowned representatives of the Valencian letters of all time. Naturalists such as Cavanilles, poets such as Vicent A. Estellés or Miguel Hernández, writers such as Vicente Blasco Ibáñez or Carmelina Sánchez Cutillas, or thinkers and historians such as Teodor Llorente, Rafael Altamira, Lluís Guarner, Joan Fuster or Francesc Almela i Vives have left their descriptions or reflections on parties and customs.

Organized by: Biblioteca Valenciana Nicolau Primitiu

Collaborate: Vinos de la viña

Director General of Culture & Heritage: Carmen Amoraga Toledo

Curation: Miguel C. Muñoz Feliu (UPV-BV) y Gloria García Bonilla (BV)

Technical Coordination: Miguel C. Muñoz Feliu

Photography & digitization: Biblioteca Valenciana Nicolau Primitiu

Conservation & restoration: Mar Bensach

Audiovisual: Unitat de Produccions Audiovisuals de la Conselleria d'Educació, Investigació, Cultura i Esport

Assembly company: José Arte

Design: LaGràfica

Place: Chapter Room of the monastery of San Miguel de los Reyes

Date: from June to September ' 2018

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Exhibition audiovisual: